• We serve a hot, homemade breakfast and lunch daily. 

  • We also serve an afternoon snack. 

  • A high nutritional standard is used for all the food prepared. 

  • Milk, fresh fruits, sources of protein (meat, fish or cheese), and vegetables are components of each daily menu. 

  • Our meals and snacks meet the nutritional standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Care Food Program.

  • Meals at NHA are served “family style” as servings are delivered to each table and children spoon out their individual portions, pour their own beverage and pass the food to each other, as appropriate.

  • Children assist with setting the table and clearing the table at the end of the meal. 

  • Teachers sit and eat with the children and encourage table conversation.

  • This style of dining teaches good manners, decision-making, and learning to serve others.



9126 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, VA 22553


T: 540-507-8836

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